A new story in Madame President anthology

My story ‘One left foot at a time’ is in Madame President, a new speculative fiction collection about female leadership from B Cubed Press. Ever wonder what it would be like for someone trying to become the first extraterrestrial to serve as their town’s school board president? I did.

The collection includes many great new stories including one by the person who wrote the Trouble with Tribbles episode on the original Star Trek series. Here is more and how to get a copy:

B Cubed Press is pleased to announce the release of Madam President, edited by Deborah Godfrey.

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Print ISBN: 978-1-949476-34-7

Electronic ISBN: 978-1-949476-36-1

Madame President is a satirical  is a blend of Science Fiction, humor, current events, and politics.

The book explores the concept of women in charge and what it means to have a woman in charge. In War Zone, David Gerrold explores what a Madam President brings to the table that gives her an edge in an emerging terrorist attack. K. G. Anderson has a new and unexpected twist on how a woman takes her seat in the Oval Office. 

Not all of the stories take us into the White House. In  Yvonne Lang’s hilarious piece, you discover that If your term as the President of the Homeowners association comes at the same time as an alien invasion, you have to cope, but you do not compromise on key policy elements that make your neighborhood’s decor unique.

In The Queen Bee, Janka Hobbs traces one woman’s journey from a meek nonentity to a position of power via a book club pyramid scheme.  

Other stories defy a quick description. Patrick Swenson profiles a woman who has been deposed from her rightful position and must fight back. India’s Soumya Sundar Mukherjee relates the climactic moment when a woman must determine what kind of ruler she will be. 

Award winning British writer Liam Hogan shows how a teaspoon can be an instrument of power in the right hands, and Lewis Evans explores the revolutionary power of one woman who sees things in a different way. 

And the Spider Queen? Well, it’s always safer to just let the Spider Queen speak for herself.

This book will make you think. It will entertain you. But mostly we hope it will make you ask why the USA has not yet had a Madam President.