A trip back to The Azores Islands-my birthplace

This is in Ponta Delgada on Sao Miguel. 

Cinco Picos- Mom and I on the ridge where Dad’s military post was .

Overlooking the square in Angra on Terceria the island I was born on.  Founded in 1480 and yes, I ran up the small peak in the background.

Fish Anthology Launch event

Craig Kenworthy

In lovely Bantry, Ireland. Quite a treat to read my short story there among so many wonderful writers.  I told the audience:
As we waited to board Aer Lingus in Seattle, I was chatting with two Irish guys. They asked why I was going to Ireland. I told them I was reading a short story at a literary event.  And what is it about?  Long pause. You do not want to tell someone boarding a Transatlantic flight that your short story is about someone investigating a…plane crash:)